Stainless steel lettering
Stainless Steel Letters
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Stainless Steel Lettering

Stainless Steel Lettering Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless Steel Letters

GRADE 304 or MARINE GRADE 316 is the mainstream base material that CENTRE SIGNS (UK) LTD always uses.

Hand made 3D letters or flat cut letters in stainless steel, YOU the customer choose which option YOU require.

Our 3D letters are generally in the forms of Solid Faced letters or Rim and Return letters with Perspex faces. Beveled letters are also available upon request

THE FINISHES AVAILABLE ARE, Mirror Polished, Brushed or Satin Stove Enamelled (painted) Rimex Coloured Stainless

The quality of our letters has ALWAYS proven to be superior to our competitors and leaves you and your client SATISFIED with the end result.

All of our Built-up letters can be made with deep returns, ready for Illumination or with shallower returns for non illumination, depending on your job specification. Using Brushed Stainless Steel faces with Polished Stainless Steel returns or visa versa produces a pleasant contrast as do any of the combinations of coloured steels from Rimex.

With over 1000 in-house fonts or any font you wish to supply to us, the variations are endless.

Should your clients budget be limited, CENTRE SIGNS UK, can offer the service of Flat cut Stainless Steel letters, again using Polished, Brushed, Stove enamelled or coloured Stainless Steel Letters.

BUILT UP or FLAT CUT the choice is YOURS.

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