Laser Cut Letters

laser cut letters laser cut letters

Laser Cut Letters

Laser cut letters

Precise laser cut lettering and signage are unmatched for extremely accurate detail, crisp corners, and smooth clean polished edges.

Letters are produced rapidly and efficiently at high speed, the close matching of parts maximise sheet useage and therefore reducing costs, in-fact, jobs can be ganged together through nesting to further maximise yield.

Most common signage materials are compatible with laser cutting, acrylic is one of the most popular. Outlined below is a summary of the planning and production process:

The cut-out lettering has been produced from a plain sketch and prepared for laser cutting.

This entails placing lift and drop, splatter spacing as well as controls for directional heat for the cutting of both the lettering and logos.

Once organised, the blank acrylic sheet is located on the laser cutting bed, next the file is transferred to begin cutting. Heat and speed settings are created.
Different types of acrylic, and at different depths of acrylic require different running speeds.

For an interesting icy effect, colour is applied to the back of the rear side of the text characters with vinyl. Vinyl can also be appied to the front of the front for a differnt effect more standard colour effect.

The rear or background panel is clear acrylic. Oversized holes have been produced into the corners to accept stand-off pins to securing the sign to the wall.

Acrylic stand off blocks are also an optional method for providing a wall stand off. This is called a two or three layer option.

This type of sign provides a professional appeal, try this style of signage for office walls.


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