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Router Cut Letters

Router cut letters.

The router cut letters company has forged strong links with leading sign manufacturers and end users and has built something of a niche market in the production of high quality finished router cut letters (sprayed) raised letters and logos that are supplied to the trade with discretion and strict confidentiality. central to the success of this core element of cutting edge business has been the installation or routing solutions.

The company started with an xyz machine but has now added a second xyz router featuring an automatic tool changer (ATC) to provide necessary back-up for the larger machine which had been working for up to 18 hours per day. The 5060 router has a processing area of 3,048 (length) by 2,095mm (width) and is described as the "ultimate Solution"for the cutting of large sheets of material commonly used in sign production. The smaller 4008 machine has a processing area of 2,440 (length) by 1,446mm (width) and is designed for continuous use in high-volume production, with a particular capability for the machining of eight by four-metre sheets in a thickness of up to 150mm.

The ATC facility on this machine has, according to the professional user, dramatically increased the speed of production due to the elimination of manual tool selection and setting to accommodate different cutting requirements on each job.

To provide the necessary level of reliabilty when working with high-volume continous production machinery like routers, Cutting Edge has entered into a long-term maintenenace contract with XYZ Automation. As the professional user explained: "This seemed expensive at the outset but it has provided the peace of mind we desire in the event of any machine failure. It means we have access to regular service for both machines to ensure that they continue performing to standard and to avoid any unwanted downtime".

In conclusion the professional user added: "Apart from minor "niggles" and the usual consumables that sometimes need replacing, both machines have provided an excellent and reliable service and have proved vital to teh growth of our business.

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