Stainless Steel Letters

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Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless steel is really increasing in its popularity as cut-out letters and as an engraving surface. Stainless Steel has a prestigious and tineless quality and enhances any signage concept.

Stainless steel numerals and letters are used for custom house address signs. They are also used for interior, exterior, architectural and wayfinding sign systems which can be positioned on doors and walls. Similar to cast metal, the cut stainless steel lettering and numbers offer very high quality durability with low maintenance requirements.

Our current range of pattern characters include both modern and traditional typefaces; or we can simulate custom fonts and artwork with the latest computer technology and leading edge graphics software. Stainless steel as a medium offers a wide range of sophisticated and unique finishes, from highly/mirror polished to creatively distressed to brushed, to name but a few. You can see some of these examples in our website Stainless Steel Letters.

At centre signs, many of our stainless steel cut-out letters are mounted with concealed studs and can be offset to any surface. For small jobs, we include complete mounting templates and hardware. Or, if you prefer, leave the job to us. Experienced technicians and craftsmen will ensure your signage is installed with care and to your exact requirements.

Let centre signs upgrade your signage with some stylish staless lettering.

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